Ultra High Early Strength Concrete (UHESC) is a range of high early-strength concrete that speed up construction by allowing quick release of formwork.

In an ever demanding and extremely competitive environment with tight deadlines, speed and efficiency are critical. The quick setting times of our UHSC enable users to dramatically increase the productivity of the construction process. UHSC has been developed for fast-track construction, thinner sections, carriageway replacement, airport hard standings, warehouses and precast structures.


  • Available in a range of compressive strength classes
  • Can be designed to meet a wide range of exposure classes
  • Suitable for pumping
  • Where to use it

    • In buildings: columns, walls, beams, slabs, panels
    • In civil engineering: high walls, tunnels, roads, airport hard standings, rail possession
    • In precast facilities: beams, panels, specific elements
    • Accelerate critical sections of the construction process
    • Regain time if the construction process has been previously delayed
    • Ideal for areas where early trafficking is a critical construction issue such as yards, car parks, access roads and floor areas
    • Water control structures where long term diversion of water is impractical


    • Reduces production time and increases productivity
    • Cost savings through reduced labour and cost of rental construction equipment
    • Ensures production deadlines that can be met with confidence
    • Reduces the requirement for external heating
    • Achieves high early-strength and high ultimate strength giving a very durable concrete.
    • Benefits are subject to good concreting practice (placement, finishing and curing).

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