Ultra Light Weight Concrete

ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT CONCRETE (ULWC) is a light weight concrete using selective grades of expanded polystyrene beads (EPS) as thermal insulating aggregates. ULWC is produced by mixing Cement, Sand, EPS beads and Chemical admixtures.


ULWC combines the construction ease of concrete with the thermal insulation properties of EPS and can be used for a very wide range of application where lighter loads or thermal insulation or both are desired.

Specification Clause

ULWC mix contains EPS beads, Chemical Admixtures, OPC, Fly Ash Fine Aggregate and Water. The Mix proportion shall be as pre - approved by ULTRA RMC representative.

Direction for use

The ULWC will be supplied at site in Transit Mixer and can be pumped at the required level.


Spread and finish ULWC using trowel. Avoid compaction using vibrator and lightly-compact using trowel. Protect the direct exposure from sun by covering up with plastic sheet or shade to avoid quick loss of water from the mix.


ULWC requires water sprinkling once it reaches to initial setting. Fog spray is preferred to avoid any undulation during walking over fresh placements. Water ponding is not required.


ULWC requires Topper. Concrete surface shall not be left without any topping. Preferably Tiles or Mortar finish can be done.

Application Includes

  • Flat RCC roofs
  • Flat metal decks
  • Green roofs
  • Balconies and terraces
  • Replacement of Brick-bat koba
  • Protection screed over waterproofing membrane


  • Light weight (60% lighter than normal concrete)
  • Can be moulded to any shape and slope
  • Thermal – Insulating
  • Easy to apply

Typical Mix Proportion: 1200 – 1800 kg/m3–Mix

  • Cement (OPC/PPC/PSC) : 350 – 450 kg
  • Sand : 350 – 450 kg
  • Water/Cement Ratio : 0.28 – 0.32
  • Chemical Admixture Dosage by wt.of cement : 1 – 2 %
  • EPS beads per m3 : 7 – 16 kg

Typical properties

  • Dry density kg/m3 : 1200 – 1800kg/m3
  • Compressive strength at 28 days : 30 – 45 Kg/cm2

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