Ultra Self Compacting Concrete

Every project is different. Some are more technical, others more aesthetic. Whatever the challenge, all must be completed on time and within the budget.

While conventional compacted concrete has its limitations with placement, often requiring considerable manpower, machinery and time, USCC provides faster solutions.

Highly fluid, USCC is the ultimate self-compacting concrete. It can be poured quickly, flowing and spreading effortlessly to provide an exceptional, highly aesthetic finish. And it’s not just time and money that can be saved; USCC also reduces noise and eliminates vibration, considerably improving conditions on site.

How It Works

USCC uses innovative mix technology to combine the benefits of two seemingly opposite physical properties; fluidity and stability. Fluidity is essential to provide easy concrete placement and a high quality finish with minimum effort. Stability is necessary to prevent segregation. Together, this dynamic fusion delivers the ultimate free flowing, self-compacting concrete.

The Science Of Concrete

USCC’s product formulae are a culmination of the latest discoveries in organic chemistry, mineral chemistry and fluid mechanics. It is these innovations that allow USCC to retain fluidity for more than two hours with no need to add water on site while achieving early compressive strength that is comparable to conventional concrete.

The strength of USCC lies not just in its fluidity but also in its flexibility. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including horizontal, vertical and complexly shaped structures.


The characteristics of USCC confer increased efficiency in filling formworks with a complex geometry, ensuring a better quality of visible faces. USCC helps create the most unique and surprising forms. It is especially used in applications which require consistent quality, dense and uniform surface, higher durability and shortening of the construction time

  • Simple or poorly reinforced concrete
  • Concrete pumped in casing works (e.g. : tunnels)
  • Works with reduced sections (pilots, high-depth foundations, etc.)
  • Majority of applications (e.g.: foundations, walls, pillars, belt beams, etc)
  • Vertical elements with congested reinforcement
  • Horizontal elements (floor slabs)
  • Elements with complicated geometry
  • Reduced labour required for placing, levelling and finishing
  • Suitable for challenging designs and complex formwork
  • Enhanced workability and excellent early strength
  • Self-leveling reducing placing time
  • No compaction necessary
  • Sets with a smooth surface that requires minimal further finishing

Benefits - Fast Flowing

Free flowing USCC concrete can be placed quickly, with the material consolidating easily and effortlessly into the required pour locations.

Smoother Surfaces

USCC provides an excellent, smooth surface quality that can be laid perfectly flat for slabs and floors, eliminating the need for floating.

Easier Placement

Placement is not only quick, it’s easy. Fewer pour points, less formwork, reduced manpower, no vibration, excellent surface finish and flexible applications make USCC easy to work with to speed up your construction schedule.

Total Flexibility

Whatever your project be, there is an USCC for the job. For horizontal applications its self-levelling qualities enable fast coverage of large surfaces. Complex vertical constructions can be filled simply and quickly, while it can also be easily used alongside reinforcing cages for deep foundations.

No Vibration

By eliminating vibration and greatly reducing noise pollution, working conditions on-site are greatly improved while pours can be safely carried out even in built-up environments.

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