Ultra Smart Dynamic Concrete

Ultra Smart Dynamic Concrete (USDC) is an innovative concrete that does not require vibration for placing and compaction. It is able to flow under its own weight, completely filling formwork and achieving full compaction, even in the presence of congested reinforcement. The hardened concrete is dense, homogeneous and has the same engineering properties and durability as traditional vibrated concrete.


Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) has tremendous benefits increasing productivity and overall efficiency and is poised to be very successful since its evolution in Japan (‘80s). However, the cost per cubic metre of SCC became deterrent in the matured markets of India and ASEAN countries,. Hence SCC could never dominate traditional vibratable or pumpable concrete.

In today’s context, almost 65% of the traditional vibratable concrete classes are between 20 – 30 MPa. To convert these strength classes to classical SCC is a big challenge, especially the balance required between stability and fluidity of the concrete mass owing to sensitivity of the mix owing to ever changing scenario in concrete constituents. By default, classical SCC requires high fines content and any SCC specified by the consultant and subsequently produced by the concrete producer is an “overdesign”.

Today, low fines self-consolidating concrete, i.e. < 340 – 380 kg / m3 of cementitious content has become a reality for the lower grades of concrete. Low fines yet self consolidating concrete uses a new state of the art synthetic viscosity modifying agent (VMA) incorporated in special Polycarboxylate ether (PCE) based hyper plasticizer. These low fines, self-consolidating, sustainable solution will help boost productivity and efficiency to help engineers, owners, concrete producers, realise their respective dreams. Low fines SCC (referred to as Ultra Smart Dynamic Concrete) realises a host of benefits - economic (reduction of fines), enduring (durable), ecological (low fines) and ergonomic (almost negligible vibration).

Benefits - Economical

  • Savings on cement
  • Up to 40% faster placing
  • Up to 5 times higher labour productivity
  • Easy to produce


  • Less fines
  • Higher durability
  • Specification Clause


  • High-tolerance floors
  • Difficult access areas
  • Architectural requirements
  • Long delivery distances
  • Slow pours
  • Heavily reinforced columns, high walls (with fewer lifts), very complex shapes and piling (Tremie)


  • No vibration
  • No noise
  • Low stickiness

One of the greatest benefits for constructors and builders is higher productivity in the concrete placement process. The ease of application requires less manpower and reduced claims for defects, voids and honeycombs.

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