Ultra Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Ultra Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (USFRC) utilises steel fibres designed to provide ultimate performance under intense loading conditions. This fibre system provides superior resistance to cracking in hardened state concrete, as well as maximum resistance to damage from heavy impact and dynamic loading.


  • High tensile strength – Capacity to bear more load and absorb more deformation.
  • The hooked ends anchor in to the concrete, enabling the transfer and distribution of stress effectively.
  • USFRC has more corrosion resistance –Extends concrete life span.
  • Improves impact resistance/performance under dynamic loading, by reducing stress concentration and higher energy required to pull out fibers from matrix.
  • Improves wear ability by 50% & fatigue resistance by 100% (Typical values).
  • Simple addition process –Easy to construct, saves labor & time.
  • The fibers impede crack formation and development of hairline cracks in to major cracks by acting as tiny bridges.
  • Prevent formation of random cracks.
  • Higher energy is required to pull out fibers from the matrix.
  • Hence first crack flexural strength and modulus of rupture are enhanced remarkably.
  • Flexural toughness increases by addition of steel fibers.
  • Offer improved abrasion resistance, cavitations resistance and erosion resistance.
  • Fibers absorb and dissipate energy more efficiently than normal concrete.
  • Hence normal concrete is brittle while USFRC is ductile.
  • Steel Fibers mix well with concrete unlike loose fibers which tend to form fiber balls.

Improvement in Concrete Properties (typical)

Characteristics Improvement over Normal Concrete(without fibers)
Compressive Strength up to 30%
Cracking Flexural strength 100 to 200%
Fatigue Resistance 100%
Resistance to impact 100 to 300%
Shock absorption 15 times
Abrasion Corrosion resistance 40to 50%
Ductility Several times

Application Areas

  • Flooring for warehouses
  • Factory flooring
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Porticos
  • Ports
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Car parks
  • Bridge decks
  • Roads, Highways & Airstrips
Sl.No Feature Benefits
Hardened state advantages
1 Increases flexural toughness / residual strength Increased load bearing capacity of concrete. Potential reduction of concrete slab depth.
2 Provides post-crack performance Concrete retains load carrying capability after cracking has occurred
3 Increased impact and abrasion resistance Increased durability and reduced maintenance costs
Working improvements
4 No requirement for crack control steel mesh No need to purchase and store additional material. No delays to fast track schedule. Easier positioning of joints
5 Concrete placement and crack control in ONE operation Reduced site labour requirement for on-site handling and cutting of steel reinforcement. No secondary steel mesh is required and reinforcement is automatically positioned
6 Cost effective alternative to conventional steel mesh reinforcement Reduced project costs
Final concrete performance
7 Controls cracking which occurs in the hardened state Enhanced load bearing capability
8 Even distribution of fibres throughout the concrete Improved flexural properties
9 A tougher surface with fewer bleed holes Reduced absorption of water, chemicals etc.

Cost benefit analysis

  • Cost savings in secondary reinforcement steel mesh for ground supported slabs
  • Faster construction (removes the need to lay mesh and spacers etc.)

Cost benefit analysis

  • Advantages of USFRC Concrete Flooring
  • Increased load bearing capacity of concrete
  • Reduction of concrete slab thickness
  • Load capacity is not diminished by concrete cracks
  • Increased durability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Improved flexural properties
  • Reduced absorption of water, chemicals, etc.
  • Can be used on fast trackEasier positioning of joints
  • Reduced site labor for managing steel reinforcement
  • Reduced project costs
  • Increased impact and abrasion resistance
  • Even distribution of fibers throughout the concrete
  • Tougher surface with fewer bleed holes
  • Savings will be greater for heavier crack control systems

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